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Monday to Friday 12pm to 4pm

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Monday to Friday 12pm to 4pm

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Cold Platter(V)

Humus, cacik, saksuka, pembe sultan, tubule, and vine leavesserved with fresh Turkish bread Contains Dairy for one: £8.95 for two: £13.95

Tubule (Gluten free)

Bulgur wheat, tomato, red onion, chopped parsley, seasoning, olive oil and lemon juice £3.95

Pembe Sultan(V)

Grated beetroot, yoghurt, mayonnaise, garlic, olive oil Contains Dairy £3.95

Yaprak Sarma(V)

Homemade vine leaves stuffed with rice, onion, pine nuts and herbs, served on a creamy yoghurt Contains Nuts £4.50

Mixed olives

Mixed Turkish olives in a Mediterranean dressing £4.50

Paltican Ezme (V)

Chargrilled aubergine pureed, mixed with tahini, yoghurt, garlic, oilive oil Contains Dairy £3.95

Kisir (V)

Bulgur wheat, finely chopped vegetables with crushed walnut, drizzled in lemon juice and olive oil Contains Nuts £3.95

Cacik (V) (Gluten free)

Yoghurt with chopped cucumber, dried mint, garlic, olive oil – Contains Dairy £3.95


Mixed peppers, onion, potatoes and aubergine fried in vegetable oil, with our special tomato and garlic sauce £3.95


Pureed chickpeas, tahini, garlic, cumin, drizzled with olive oil £3.95

Hot Platter

Sucuk, avci boregi, hellim, falafel, muska boregi, mitti kofte with fresh Turkish bread for one: £9.95 for two: £14.95

Prawns Guvec

Prawns, peppers, onions, mushrooms and herbs with Saray’s special tomato sauce, topped with cheese and served in a clay dish Contains Dairy £6.95

Arnavut Cigeri

Diced lamb liver seasoned and fried served with diced red onion salad £5.95


Marinated squid rings deep fried and served with home made tartar sauce £5.95

Mitti Kofte

Fried lamb meat balls served in Saray special tomato sauce £4.95

Avci Boregi

Deep fried pastry filled with mince, potato, dill and parsley £4.95


Grilled slies of Turkish spiced beef sausage £4.95

Imam Bayildi(V)

Aubergine filled with mixed peppers, onions, raisins, pine nuts in a tomato sauce £5.95

Humus Kavurma

Pan fried cubes of lamb, pine and herbs served on a bed of humus £5.95

Hellim (Halloumi) Cheese(V)

Traditional grilled halloumi cheese Contains Dairy £4.95

Muska Boregi (V)

Fried fresh filo pastry with feta cheese and parsley filling £4.95


Chickpeas, broad beans, finely chopped peppers, carrots, corriander, sesame seeds, deep fried and served with humus Contains Nuts £4.95

Garlic Mushroom

Mushrooms fried with fresh garlic served in a cream sauce Contains Dairy £4.95


Your choice of chicken, lamb or adana (minced lamb), served in a clay dish on a bed of crouton bread topped with tomato sauce and yoghurt, drizzled with butter Contains: Dairy £14.95